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Characterization of pressure equipment and accessories

Area of expertise

Non-destructive testing

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Rely on an expert in pressure equipment for your studies


As a pressure equipment designer or user, you want to:
• validate the design of pressure-submitted accessories or components
• qualify products or suppliers in order to be supported when making a decision


Cetim designs, implements and analyses well defined tests taking into account every constraint and need:
• instrumentation and realization of measurements on pressure equipment (deformation, displacement, expansion...)
• pressure, temperature, artificial ageing, cycling tests...
• hydrostatic and pressure resistance regulatory tests (DES, P 97/23/CE...)
• our experts help you with specialized testing facilities: pressure tests up to 6000 bars, static or dynamics tests, large dimension bursting test facilites


• Cetim is an independent and renowned technical center which benefits for a 40-year experience in pressure equipment
• multidisciplinary skills in pressure vessels: materials, design, simulation, pressure tests, instrumentation, regulation
• important means allow a large range of tests to answer every issues

Our other services

Support to pressure equipment design

Benefit from expert advice!

Non-destructive testing simulation from design

Incorporate testing from the design phase of your product

Failure of bolted, welded, riveted or adhesive bonded assemblies

Understand the origin of failure for robust assemblies

Pressure equipment failure

Secure your pressure equipment

Pressure equipment reliability

Computation and control for your pressure equipment reliability

Testing of sealing products and components

Characterise and qualify your sealing products and components


Our references

CID shows itself as of the homologation

( Volvo Bus France )

Natural gas vehicles: CID® secures

( Transpole)

Tests – Products reliability

Qualifying, characterising in order to make sure that the product will fulfil the expected function, but also in order to optimise its performance or to implement quality control: the tests carried out by Cetim apply to all mechanical fields, from the most general to the most specialised one.
Cetim’s experts perform a customised service, from simple standard tests to the design of specific test benches.

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