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Results of collective works


Augmented reality for fluid equipment

Among the technologies qualified as “priority” and proposed to the mechanical industry sector by the Fluid Equipment Programme Committee (CPEF), augmented reality stands out from four others as a unanimous choice (9Q400). An in-depth study has therefore been dedicated to this topic. This technology is advancing quickly and currently finding its place in all areas of business and all sectors of activity, including the mechanical industry. The industry must therefore take an interest in this technology and all of its potential uses. The economic stakes are very high because it represents a large market with significant potential for productivity gains and opportunities for growth. The results of the survey that followed this study by Cetim showed that this technology is not very well known among the companies surveyed, though it does seriously interest them when it comes to maintenance, training, operator support/assistance, workstation and machine layout, inspection, design, efficiency gains and safety. These themes guided the decision to create a dedicated workgroup. It also became apparent that an informational overview was necessary to proceed with the definition and construction of a demo based on the technology currently available, suitable to the needs of these companies. The CPEF therefore decided to continue its investigations, starting with two themes and consisting of two phases: a general presentation of augmented reality and its potential uses, and the definition of a specification for a demo solution.

Author : Arnault BELORGEY, Cetim

Created 08/19/2020
Updated 11/24/2020
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9Q400 - Augmented reality for fluid equipment

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