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Results of collective works


Particulate cleanliness of parts

In the mechanical engineering sector, as far as we are concerned in this study with the different types of fastening components, the requirements in terms of particulate cleanliness of the parts usually lead to a disproportionate increase in costs, as there are so many parameters to be taken into account: treatment applied to material, process used, ambient environment... For this reason, it was imperative to prepare a report on current levels of cleanliness, regarding the general information and defining the specific details such as type, coating and geometry of materials, the various analyses of which resulted in constructive exchanges between customers and suppliers, producing results allowing for proposal of good practices, on one hand for preparation of cleanliness specifications, and on the other hand for formulation of the most relevant responses to cleanliness calls for tenders. (S2025)

 Author : Cathy MATOS DA SILVA, Cetim

Created 04/10/2020
Updated 05/27/2020
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S2025 - Particulate cleanliness of parts

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