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Help for the use of search criteria

The search engine in this section allows you to filter documents according to technical criteria and/or keywords.

Technical criteria

You can choose from four technical criteria:

  • An engineering occupation
  • A particular technology in which Cetim is highly expert
  • A business function
  • A Cetim area of expertise


You can specify one or several keywords in this field. The search will include not just web documents but also any attached documents (in particular pdfs).

Specific rules when searching for several words

If several words are specified, the number of results will be smaller.

To look for an exact phrase, you must wrap your phrase with quotes (e.g. "design process").

Technical criteria and keywords can be combined to restrain search results.


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Help about search criteria
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This section will allow you to discover the watch memos and the results of collective works published by Cetim.
These documents evidence the richness of the subjects which our teams are working on.
The search module proposes several criteria to select more accurately, among thousands of documents, those which correspond to your centres of interest.
The detailed content of these documents is usually restricted to companies which pay contributions to Cetim.
However, if you are interested in a subject, please contact us...

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