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Expert investigations optimise productivity at a refinery

Perenco, the oil company, consulted Cetim in order to understand the root causes of damage to the dome of a crude oil distillation tower. Read more in a new reference sheet.


Perenco operates the Xan oilfield in Guatemala where over 7,000 barrels of crude oil are extracted per day. As a result the company cannot afford to halt operations for recurrent breakdowns at its refinery. As a matter of fact, the dome of the distillation tower has been experiencing regular material leakage and therefore Perenco decided to send a material sample to Cetim’s experts for analysis.


Several multi-disciplinary teams

Several teams of experts set to work analysing the part with regard to corrosion, the materials and the welds (morphological analysis of the damage, microfractographic examinations with scanning electron microscope, metallographic examinations, Vickers hardness measurements, chemical analyses, etc.). All these analyses helped the experts to highlight a stress corrosion problem and to quickly make recommendations for rebuilding the dome in another steel grade. Perenco can now continue production at Xan without untimely interruptions of the tower.


Read more information about this operation in the reference sheet "Perenco - Comprehensive investigation on refinery equipment" on our website in the “References” section

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With product modelling and simulation potential solutions can be virtually optimized before they are really implemented. We tend to set up a more efficient design by taking fatigue life into account and optimizing safety factors within a fiabilist approach. The main goal is to achieve much shorter development deadlines. Major improvements are experienced in the field of simulation dealing with more and more complex and multi-physical phenomena.
This technological focus includes projects relating to : fiabilist design of products, functional requirement and performance qualification checking, analysis methods based on customer needs, design of clean and silent products, simulation of product behavior and operation.

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