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Optimization of pumping equipment and networks

Area of expertise

Fluids and flow technologies

Optimisation installation des pompes

A unique expertise in the field of fluids


In order to optimize your operation costs for pumping equipment and distributing networks, you have to undertake some improvements:
• state examination and control of installations
• components dimensioning and selection
• monitoring of facilities
• failure analysis
• energy optimization
• predictive maintenance


• design support
• full audits of existing installations
• on-site tests
- identification of potential improvements
- definition of a maintenance plan
• platform tests and qualification


• Cetim's multi-disciplinary skills: mechanical, hydraulic, electric and acoustic skills
• an extended range of tests dedicated to your pumping equipment

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Our references

Technical expertise for better negotiating with suppliers

( Syndicat des Eaux de la Semène)

Acceptance of a key Vulcain 2.1 engine component

( ArianeGroup)

Tests – Products reliability

Qualifying, characterising in order to make sure that the product will fulfil the expected function, but also in order to optimise its performance or to implement quality control: the tests carried out by Cetim apply to all mechanical fields, from the most general to the most specialised one.
Cetim’s experts perform a customised service, from simple standard tests to the design of specific test benches.

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