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Deploy smart machining processes

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A tailored,global and structured approach to automate your processes or make them more autonomous.


As part of your transformation to the Industry of the Future, you want to automate your processes or make them more autonomous so as to:

  • Reduce your production costs and increase your profitability
  • Improve your quality level
  • Improve your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Extend your opening hours and improve the depreciation of your machines
  • Provide your customers with additional value added

Based on the diagnosis of your current process, we assist you with the implementation of all prerequisites right up to the “autonomous process”:

  • Analysis of the current process (optimised manufacturing schedules, tool / material pair, suitability of machining strategies, workpiece pick-up, machine autonomy, etc.)
  • Stability of the process (instrumentation with OPTISURV®)
  • Suitability of the manufacturing equipment (modern machines, maintenance follow-up, etc.)
  • Suitability of the inspection and testing means (automated dimensional and surface condition checks)
  • Integration of process monitoring means (definition of physical values to be monitored, connection of the machines of your existing machine fleet)
  • Diagnosis of your digital chain (CAD/CAM, post-processor, 3D realignment of programs, data feedback and integration)
  • Integration of USITRONIC® self-adaptive control tools into your current machines (subject to compatibility)

Learn about e-Spindle: A smart electrospindle capable of changing the operating parameters in real time

Watch Baud industrie’s success story!


Implementation of an autonomous or semi-autonomous system for series or unit production of parts

Access to a well-proven system already implemented in dozens of production facilities

Your operators carry out tasks with higher value added

Wide and recognised experience in the different manufacturing processes

Design and installation of a solution tailored to your production

Industrial control, efficiency in production

Your industrial management depends on many parameters : from your global company strategy to your local team management .
Cetim can accompany your organization at a global level with the general management, or help the operational managers solve identified problematics.
We give you access to specialised trade experts, or propose our unique ability to combine our expertises to manage global projects.

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