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The surface to improve performance

Area of expertise
Chevilles en aluminium de différentes couleurs



To meet the challenges of energy and ecological transition, circular economy, new energies and e-mobility, the surface enables additional functions to a product, in addition to the properties of the base material:

  • Improved performance
  • Extended life span
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs (sobriety)
  • Innovation and multifunctionality
  • Substitution of regulated substances (HSE context)


To achieve this, surface engineering allows to :

  • Design functional surfaces (tribological, anti-corrosion, antifouling, appearance modification, antibacterial, etc.)
  • Characterise surfaces
  • Evaluate the performance of surfaces on dedicated test facilities

CETIM is positioned in surface engineering throughout the value chain from design to the end of life of industrial equipment:

  • R&D and industrialisation of new surface functionalisation technologies (e.g. sol-gel coatings)
  • Taking into account the surface from the design stage via a choice aid approach centred on the need (the function)
  • Definition and optimisation of manufacturing ranges
  • Control of key surface characteristics
  • Evaluation of performance under operating conditions
  • Monitoring: In-situ surveillance
  • Failure analysis: REX, recommendations and implementation support
  • More than 50 years of expertise in coatings and surface treatments with numerous feedbacks from various sectors of activity.
  • Pilot laboratories for wet surface treatment and sol-gel coating.
  • A unique offer combining Cetim's expertise with that of our academic (R&D) and industrial (process) partners.
  • Access to surface characterisation and testing platforms in the fields of tribology and corrosion.
  • A support capacity to go from a low TRL to an industrialisation of advanced technology in surface engineering.
  • A response perfectly adapted to your challenges thanks to our multi-technological skills and our independence.
  • A capacity to integrate your environmental issues (mastery of the regulatory framework)
  • Specific Cetim Academy® training programmes 

Surfaces and treatments

Once the material has been chosen, it is equally important to determine the right treatment to use.
How to guarantee the material's stability, sustainability, quality so that the part or the structure durably fulfils its functions?
Cetim specialists can provide you with answers.

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