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Innovative surface coatings : Sol-gel coating

Area of expertise

Surfaces and painting engineering

revêtement de surface innovants

A team of mechanics and chemistry experts to assist you in your product design and industrialisation process.

  • You would like to enhance a surface property such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, ...
  • You want new surface functionalities for your products : anti-seize, antibacterial, mark-free, hydrophobic properties, ...
  • You want to innovate and implement new solutions in order to reduce your production costs,
  • You need to consider substitutes in the scope of the Reach regulation

Cetim offers you a comprehensive service and supports you, from the definition of your specifications to the industrial application of your sol-gel process on your site:

  • preliminary tests to prove the interest of the sol-gel coating
  • study of possible solutions
  • specific formulation in accordance with your criteria
  • study of the environmental impact (REACH)
  • selection of the application process (dip-coating, spraying, etc.)
  • characterisation and qualification tests of functional properties
  • production of a prototype or pilot prior to the industrial application phase
  • audit of your industrial wet surface treatment line
  • assistance during the industrial application phase, including training of your operators
  • Tailor-made assistance to optimise your processes, in accordance with the regulations in force and with total independence in terms of formulation
  • Cetim’s recognised experience in wet surface treatments and sol-gel coating
  • Access to high-performance testing, characterisation and simulation equipment
  • A reactive service which places a dedicated laboratory at your disposal
  • Access to all the skills of our metallurgical engineering teams to optimise your products and processes
  • Access to R&D work in this particular area
  • An independent laboratory which is also a major player in various industrial sectors such as luxury goods, aviation, automobile, medical equipment, etc.
  • Possibility of Research Tax Credit and industrial co-development

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Surfaces and treatments

Once the material has been chosen, it is equally important to determine the right treatment to use.
How to guarantee the material's stability, sustainability, quality so that the part or the structure durably fulfils its functions?
Cetim specialists can provide you with answers.

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