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Define and validate your surface finishing and texturing technologies

Area of expertise
condyles prothèse de genou

As an expert in surface finishing and texturing technologies, Cetim accompanies you from the choice of the technology according to your objectives to the p...

  • Identify a technology for deburring, polishing and texturing the surfaces of your mechanical parts
  • Improve or stabilise your current surface finishing processes
  • Test the identified technologie(s) on actual parts
  • Develop a surface finishing or texturing process (one-step or multi-step process) before launching production
  • Secure investment of one or more means of surface finishing”
  • Goal-directed diagnosis and needs analysis: surface condition, brightening, edge smoothing, deburring, texture creation, etc.
  • Informed advice on the most relevant process(es)
  • Testing on samples or actual parts on our test platforms and via our partner network
  • Adjusting your manufacturing range parameters
  • Inspecting and validating processed surface roughness and 3D profiles”
  • Comprehensive technology watch by CETIM experts and their feedback
  • Unbiased recommendations for the best suited technologies to your application, regardless of the supplier
  • Testing facilities at your disposal to validate your surface finishing range
  • Fine-tune your surface finishing range without impacting your production or teams
  • Launch production as soon as you receive your surface finishing equipment - no development phase necessary (performed upstream at CETIM)
  • A 100% secure investment in new equipment”

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Assistance in automated polishing

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Surfaces and treatments

Once the material has been chosen, it is equally important to determine the right treatment to use.
How to guarantee the material's stability, sustainability, quality so that the part or the structure durably fulfils its functions?
Cetim specialists can provide you with answers.

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