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Selection of materials/process pairs

Area of expertise

Mechanical products and processes

découpe de plasma-procédés matériaux

Get the best profitability from your product investment


When designing an industrial product, you have to choose the best material/process pair which will allow you to reach a maximum profitability


Cetim trade experts help you make the best objective choice. They are able to reconsider methods and processes currently applied within your company:
• material characterization
• feasibility study on our shared platforms
• search for the best technical/economical compromise
• implementation support and staff training
For Machining (5 axes, robot, vibratory drilling...), assembly (bonding, mecano welding, riveting, bolting, clinching...), stamping, adiabatic punching, digital process simulation, forging, large deformation processes, powder metallurgy (compression and sintering, CGV, MIM, direct manufacturing, SPS...)


• you benefit from skilled trade experts who use the best digital simulation tools and important technological means
• they propose you innovative technologies if needed
• You can implement disruptive manufacturing methods while drastically reducing risks
• setting up times and the volume of materials used are reduced

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Our references

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( Laboratoires Narval)

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Choix et caractérisation des matériaux

Les matériaux sont un enjeu primordial dans la conception de vos produits:
Lesquels choisir, selon quels critères, métalliques, composites, élastomères?
Comment les assembler ? Quels procédés de fabrication? Quels traitements leur appliquer ?
Autant de questions auxquelles les experts du Cetim vous apportent des réponses pratiques et argumentées, en les complétant si vous le souhaitez de prestations d'aide à la conception pouvant vous faire gagner un temps précieux dans la mise sur le marché de vos produits.

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