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Chemical analysis and composition of metallic materials

Area of expertise

Metallic materials


Characterise the physical-chemical properties of a metallic material

  • You would like to know the chemical composition of your metallic material
  • You would like to determine the chemical grade corresponding to your material
  • You are seeking reliable analysis and characterisation methods
  • You would like to ensure the traceability of analyses
  • A specialised team and resources in the area of the chemical composition of metallic materials
  • Identification and check of the content of composing elements via:
    • Direct analyses of solid materials by Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES)
    • Analyses after solution heat treatment by Plasma Emission Spectrometry (PES)
  • Determination of the gas content with an elemental analyser:
    • Hydrogen
    • Carbon / Sulphur
    • Oxygen / Nitrogen
  • Analyses and characterisations of many metals and alloys (highly alloyed steels, cobalt alloys, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys)
  • Analyses and characterisations on site with a portable X-ray fluorescence device
  • Standardised analyses or analyses customised specifically to meet your requirements
  • Development of specific test protocols
  • COFRAC accredited tests (accreditations COFRAC No. 1-0037 & No. 1-6755 - Scope available on
  • Tailored and responsive service
  • Access to the multidisciplinary skills of the metallurgical teams to optimise your products
  • An independent laboratory and major player in the aerospace, energy, rail, automobile, medical and naval sectors).

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Choix et caractérisation des matériaux

Les matériaux sont un enjeu primordial dans la conception de vos produits:
Lesquels choisir, selon quels critères, métalliques, composites, élastomères?
Comment les assembler ? Quels procédés de fabrication? Quels traitements leur appliquer ?
Autant de questions auxquelles les experts du Cetim vous apportent des réponses pratiques et argumentées, en les complétant si vous le souhaitez de prestations d'aide à la conception pouvant vous faire gagner un temps précieux dans la mise sur le marché de vos produits.

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