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Additive manufacturing: characterising materials

Area of expertise

Metallic materials

caractériser les matériaux

To properly control the additive manufacturing process, a mechanical, physical and chemical characterisation of the metallic materials obtained is required.


For metallic products obtained after additive manufacturing, you want to:

  • Identify reliable analysis and characterisation methods,
  • Analyse the structure and microstructure of your metallic materials and perform a characterisation in terms of grain size, inclusion cleanliness, presence of phases, porosity, etc,
  • Assess the mechanical behaviour of your products,
  • Understand the degradation or aging phenomena,
  • Implement the appropriate heat treatment or the optimum surface treatment,

A team of specialists with specific resources to characterise metallic materials produced by additive manufacturing

  • Characterisation of powders (grain size, rheology, etc.)
  • Macroscopic, microscopic and fractographic examinations using instruments such as binocular magnifiers, optical microscopes (1,000 X magnification), SEMs (Scanning Electron Microscopes) equipped with microanalysis probes
  • Determination of density
  • Microhardness measurements, hardness profiles (Vickers, Brinell, etc.), determination of the depth decarburisation
  • Standard chemical analyses and specific methods
  • Laboratory simulation: accelerated aging (corrosion, wear / friction, fatigue, creep)

A laboratory and experts dedicated to surface treatments.

A team of specialists and specific resources to study the mechanical behaviour of materials produced by additive manufacturing :

  • Tensile testing at room and high temperatures
  • High cycle fatigue testing at room and high temperatures
  • Low cycle fatigue testing at room and high temperatures
  • Cracking testing at room and high temperatures
  • Creep elongation and creep failure testing
  • Recognised expertise in material characterisation and metal additive manufacturing
  • Access to the best technologies, skills and resources available
  • Accredited tests (see details on our page Cofrac Essai
  • A responsive and highly competitive service tailored to your needs with specialised laboratories at your disposal
  • Access to the wide range of skills of Cetim’s teams
  • Expertise in all transformation processes applicable to light alloys and hard metals (machining and bar turning, metal additive manufacturing, welding, rolling, casting, forging, etc.)
  • An independent laboratory deeply involved in various industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, energy, medical equipments and devices, etc.

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Better characterize the powders to better use them

( Chpolansky)

Choix et caractérisation des matériaux

Les matériaux sont un enjeu primordial dans la conception de vos produits:
Lesquels choisir, selon quels critères, métalliques, composites, élastomères?
Comment les assembler ? Quels procédés de fabrication? Quels traitements leur appliquer ?
Autant de questions auxquelles les experts du Cetim vous apportent des réponses pratiques et argumentées, en les complétant si vous le souhaitez de prestations d'aide à la conception pouvant vous faire gagner un temps précieux dans la mise sur le marché de vos produits.

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