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Process and structure monitoring

Area of expertise

Machinery and controls

surveillance de process et structure

Real-time monitoring for better productivity and more reliable facilities


You want to:
• ensure your production quality and your customer satisfaction
• control a process in real-time, highlight potential shifts
• monitor the evolution of a structure in order to reduce downtimes and ensure its durability


Cetim implements a process or structure monitoring approach:
• machine and structure mechanical analysis
• component identification and definition of the physical parameters to check
• implementation of a measurement chain (sensors, acquisition and adequate signal processing)
• result analysis and interpretation
• if needed, recommendations for a preventive or corrective action plan to solve issues


• a skilled team with a comprehensive knowledge in many industrial fields (agri-food, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, automotive) enriched by experts in instrumentation, signal processing and mechatronics
• we can help you redesign or optimize your products and processes thanks to our multidisciplinary technical skills
• supplying of a full measuring chain with possible interfacing with your applications

Our other services

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Expert support for an optimized result

Manufacturing and assembly process simulation

Digital simulation to help you take decisions

Faulty parts on production line

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Our references

Telemetry on wheel rims

( Montupet)

Well-adjusted hangers

( Baudin Chateauneuf)

Outstanding load tests

( Messier Dowty )

Control of materials, products and equipments

Cetim offers you its expertise in non-destructive testing and measurements, from simple part inspection to process instrumentation including the management of measuring instrument tools, in order to meet each requirement, whether related to products or processes.
Your NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) operators can also obtain COFREND certification in one of the 2 Cetim examination centres (Senlis and Nantes, France).

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