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REACH, diagnosis and support

Area of expertise

Quality - safety - environment

REACH, diagnostic et accompagnement

Anticipating to secure your supplies


You would like to :

  • Understand the REACH regulation and the ROHS Directive
  • Acquire a method to meet the regulatory expectations of REACH and ROHS, respond to customer demands and fulfil the requirements with respect to your suppliers
  • Check the presence of regulated substances in your articles, processes (mechanical and surface treatment) and materials (metallic and polymer)
  • Secure supply and production
  • Anticipate and control chemical risk management
  • Regulatory watch, technology watch and anticipation
  • Training and awareness raising for the REACH regulation and ROHS directive
  • Audit or diagnosis of the company with respect to REACH and ROHS
  • Status and responsibilities of the company with regard to REACH and/or ROHS
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) analysis
  • Identification of regulated and hazardous substances: SVHC (candidate list, authorisation list (ANNEX XIV) and restriction list (ANNEX XVII))
  • Inventory of mechanical materials and processes affected by REACH and/or RoHS
  • Assistance for communication with customers, suppliers and institutions
  • Identification of the substances to be substituted in accordance with REACH and ROHS
  • Decision support: Authorisation or substitution file? (ECHA file)
  • Establishment of a formal plan for compliance with REACH and ROHS
  • Validation of the plan for compliance with REACH and ROHS
  • Our mechanical engineering expertise: surface treatment, metallic and polymer materials, associated with our knowledge of the regulation
  • Expertise in the traceability of metallic and polymer materials which may contain regulated substances
  • Involvement of CETIM in the standardisation committees
  • Tailored assistance: training, awareness raising, regulatory watch, audit, diagnosis and substitutions
  • Extensive experience working with major industry leaders as well as SMEs and intermediate-sized companies

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Our references

Enhanced eco-designed couplings

( Parker-Hannifin Manufacturing-division FSCE)

Risk management and regulatory conformity

 Master and foresee risks means avoiding accidents, production stops and losses, which could put your company's existence in danger.
Cetim has developed a long experience and comprehensive knowledge in risk prevention and statutory compliance, and will efficiently contribute to help you control most industrial hazards, for the sake of your staff and organization.

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