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Management of industrial effluents

Area of expertise

Quality - safety - environment

Traitement des eaux usées, station d'épuration

Regulatory Compliance at optimized Cost


You want to:
• comply with the limit waste reject values
• implement this compliance at least cost
• avoid any risk for you staff or the environment
• use this as an environmental argument in your communication strategy towards your customers or local area


Define technical and economical solutions by integrating current or future regulations:
• suggest alternative solutions which best suit your own context: alternative products or processes, reduction of water and chemical products consumption, reduction of pollution flows, choice of effluent treatments
• perform feasibility studies (physical and chemical tests, evaporation, membrane techniques...)
• management support for projects related to setting up an effluent treatment facility
• we support you when confronted to regulatory authorities
•changing support through staff’s awareness and training.
These projects can be funded by the French Agences de l'Eau


• Cetim’s deep knowledge of current regulations and its contribution to the building up of future regulations guarantee that you will always be in perfect compliance with these rules without excessive efforts
• thanks to the expertise Cetim has developed with industries and its capacity to propose innovative solutions, you benefit from operational and practical solutions fitting your trade
• setting up an in-house environmental approach which unifies and rallies your collaborators around
• funding research support

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Risk management and regulatory conformity

 Master and foresee risks means avoiding accidents, production stops and losses, which could put your company's existence in danger.
Cetim has developed a long experience and comprehensive knowledge in risk prevention and statutory compliance, and will efficiently contribute to help you control most industrial hazards, for the sake of your staff and organization.

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