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Containment of refrigerants

Area of expertise

Sealing technologies

fluide de coupe recadré

Improve the containment of refrigerants (HCFC, HFC, CO2) for your refrigeration equipment and facilities.


As an installer, user or operator of refrigeration equipment, you are affected by refrigerant emissions and want to:

  • Comply with applicable standards and regulations,
  • Improve the containment of your systems to make them cleaner, less costly and more efficient,
  • Show that your company is committed to the ecological and energy transition

We can assist you with:

  • Detecting and measuring the leakage of your refrigerant equipment on site
  • Diagnosing the tightness of new systems (helium or hydrogen testing, before charging)
  • Diagnosing the tightness of systems during operation
  • Carrying out operator audits for leak detection
  • Testing the sealing performance of components and connections in accordance with ISO 14903.
  • Training (regulations including as regards tightness inspections, leak concepts, influential causes and parameters, measuring techniques, ISO 14903 standard, good detection practices)
  • Advice and support
  • Better knowledge of your systems in relation to leaks
  • Upgrading of tightness processes for installation and maintenance
  • We are active in all relevant sectors: agri-food, refrigerated transport, industrial refrigeration, air conditioners and commercial refrigeration.
  • A team of internationally-recognised experts with on-site leak detection and measurement equipment (helium, hydrogen, CO2, HCFC, HFC, etc.)
  • Over thirty years’ experience in leak measurement
  • Cofrend-certified operators (levels 2 and 3)

Our other services

Testing of sealing products and components

Characterise and qualify your sealing products and components

Leak-tight design

Complete your design work with our sealing expertise

Optimization of pumping equipment and networks

A unique expertise in the field of fluids

Expertise in tightness failures analysis

Our full range of expertise to help you quickly and accurately identify the causes of leaks

Failure of thermofluidic installations and equipment

All our expertise for reliable thermofluidic systems

Qualification of dynamic seals

Test benches to qualify and validate dynamic seals 


Our references

Industrial valves control of fugitive emissions

( Fugitives emissions)

Risk management and regulatory conformity

 Master and foresee risks means avoiding accidents, production stops and losses, which could put your company's existence in danger.
Cetim has developed a long experience and comprehensive knowledge in risk prevention and statutory compliance, and will efficiently contribute to help you control most industrial hazards, for the sake of your staff and organization.

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