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Compliance of pressure equipment with manufacturing standards and codes

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When designing a pressure equipment you want to:
• apply the rules of codes and standards according to DESP/CE regulation
• ensure compliance with codes and standards
• select adequate rules and apply them to your material choice and use
• apply controls methods to pressure equipment


Cetim supports you in the application of following codes and standards:
• CODAP: French code for the manufacturing of unfired pressure equipment
• CODETI: French code for the manufacturing of industrial pipings
• EN 13445: European standard for the manufacturing of pressure equipment
• ASME: American code for the manufacturing of pressure equipment


• Cetim is an internationally recognized expert on this field. It contributes to the development of codes and standards for the design of pressure equipment (materials and manufacturing)
• you benefit from our advanced knowledge and continuous technological intelligence
• our experts give you advices about design, testing, production, control… You can entrust them with your whole project

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Our references

Validating tappings outside the scope of Codap®

( Lescaut SAS )

A cooperation model for compliant products

( Roquette)

Risk management and regulatory conformity

 Master and foresee risks means avoiding accidents, production stops and losses, which could put your company's existence in danger.
Cetim has developed a long experience and comprehensive knowledge in risk prevention and statutory compliance, and will efficiently contribute to help you control most industrial hazards, for the sake of your staff and organization.

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