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Failure related to tightness and leakages

Area of expertise

Sealing technologies

le tuyau métallique avec la valve fuit dans l'usine de traitement de l'eau-Etancheité des fuites

Our whole expertise to quickly and precisely identify leakage causes


Having experienced a failure for one of your hydraulic or pneumatic components equipped with joints (flat, O-ring...) or packings (braids, packing boxes...), you want to perform an analysis to:
• searching for leakage causes and remedy them
• check sealing materials compliance compared with peculiarities of reference materials


We lead for you a full analysis (according to the case) from every observation and parameter related to failure
• on-site expertise
• mechanical analyses
• physico-chemical analysis of elastomer or metallic materials
• tests close to service conditions (pressure, temperature, fluid...)
We help you select alternative sealing solutions


• Cetim's experience and knowledge in sealing materials and their behaviour is based on many tests
• a general approach with full analysis resources (tightness, mechanics and physico-chemicals) by Cetim and LRCCP (Research and Control Laboratory for Rubber and Plastics)
• an objective analysis made by a neutral and independent center

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Our references

Modelling sealing to improve dynamic seals

( Techmaflex)

Hoses approved Cetim and LRCCP

( Tisseo)

Well-controlled leak tightness

( Veolia)

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Failure analysis

Mechanical breakdown, non-compliant product ? Our dedicated teams do failure analyses on a daily basis and give you assents and recommendations to help you understand the causes and origins of the problem.

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