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Expert in corrosion and corrosion protection

Area of expertise

Metallic materials

Corrosion bactérienne

Analyse and understand the corrosion of a part, product or metallic equipment


You would like to:

  • understand a corrosion phenomenon on a metallic material
  • perform representative tests or examinations of a specific type of corrosion
  • solve the problems of corrosion on your assemblies (galvanic coupling)
  • assess the strength, durability or performance of a material or that of its corrosion protection system
  • implement corrosion protection (cathodic protection, paint, surface treatment, selection of adequate material, etc.)
  • Test equipment and laboratory tests to simulate or analyse and understand a type of corrosion (climatic chambers, salt spray, etc.)
  • Experts who come to your site to provide support in a structured approach (diagnosis, failure analysis, etc.)
  • Suggestions and recommendations suited to your needs
  • Support from the design stage of your equipment or structures:
    • Selection of materials,
    • Selection of the protection (surface treatment, coating, etc.)
    • Modelling of the cathodic protection (PROCOR software)
  • Recognised expertise in the area of corrosion and corrosion protection
  • Tailored and responsive service
  • Access to the most advanced technologies, skills and equipment
  • Access to the multidisciplinary skills of our metallurgical teams to optimise your products
  • An independent laboratory and a major player in the energy (Oil & Gas, renewable energies, renewable marine energies, etc.), naval, infrastructure, aerospace, rail, automobile and medical sectors).

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 En confiant votre expertise au Cetim, centre technique indépendant et neutre, vous êtes assuré d'une approche objective, compétente et factuelle.
Nos équipes dédiées pratiquent l'analyse des défaillance au quotidien et s'engagent sur des diagnostics.
Savoir pourquoi est notre coeur de métier.
Savoir quoi faire est notre atout, pour que vous tiriez de cet événement une nouvelle force de compétitivité !
Le Cetim est leader français en analyse de défaillances mécaniques, enrichi de sont expérience de 30 ans, de 1000 nouveaux cas traités par an dans tous les domaines de la mécanique.


Our other services

Wear, failure and corrosion of polymer and composite parts

Understand and anticipate plastic, composite and elastomer material breaks

Profile and surface anaylsis following a failure

A metrology laboratory to control your faulty mechanical parts or devices

The surface to improve performance



Our references

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Implants that comply with US standards

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Cost effective corrosion control

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Comprehensive training in materials

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Diagnosis of a giant drain valve

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Controlling the service life of electric cables

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Copper plating expertise: a ready-to-use procedure!

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Failure analysis

Mechanical breakdown, non-compliant product ? Our dedicated teams do failure analyses on a daily basis and give you assents and recommendations to help you understand the causes and origins of the problem.

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