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Strategic analyses, studies and benchmarking

Area of expertise

Industrial organisation

analyse comparative business

A service dedicated to local authorities


Within its mission of economical development, your organization wants to:
• better know the characteristics and needs of a particular industry or geographical area
• assess how much industrial and economical partners are satisfied with your action
• set a skill center of your territory towards its competitors
• enable the firms on your territory to integrate key technologies


• polls among industrial manufacturers (direct or phone interviews, online questionnaires)
• Internet et international database research
• expert interviews for validation
• information analysis and summary
• information dissemination through a collaborative platform
• recommendations and action plans


As an independent mechanical expertise center, Cetim makes available its experts and resources in technological intelligence to help you make strategy choices and enable you to:
• satisfy the firms of your territory as you better know their needs
• get a better positioning towards other companies, regions or countries
• better target your collective actions to meet the needs of your territory’s organizations in terms of technology or themes.

Our other services

Achieving a technological leap

Give your firm a step forward!

Technological, normative and regulatory intelligence

Experts assist you in decision making

Study, design and manufacturing of mechatronic prototypes

Mechatronics, an innovative solution for more intelligent products

Carbon balance

Assess your environmental impact


Supervision of projects change

Detect and implement at the right moment the technological move, which will allow your company to keep its market positions or take an advantage on its competitors, is one major stake of a leader.
Cetim is your partner in leading these strategical projetcs.

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