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Parts cleanliness

Area of expertise

Quality - safety - environment

Turn cleanliness into a competitive asset!


Your parts must be delivered with the guarantee of the cleanliness level your customers or normative constraints demand.
Use cleanliness mastering as a driving force for the performance of your company.


parts measurements and analyses: molecular and particular cleanliness, particle characterization
implementation of cleanliness management
process audit
for parts redesign if necessary
for selection of cleaning means
for setting up your specifications
training and awareness of your staff and suppliers


• Cetim gives you advice to better size your cleanliness management to reach the right cleanliness level at least cost
• by adapting your parts design, you reduce the number of failures and save money
• you develop your staff’s skills while bringing your customers enhanced satisfaction
• the rising of your quality specifications allow you to conquer new markets

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Parts degreasing

Get the best from this key parameter in mechanical industry!

Innovative substitutions of substances-processes-materials

Substitution, a driver of innovation

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Our references

Assessing particle contamination

( Flexitech Europe )

Improve cleanliness measurement of parts

( Danfoss Commercial Compressors)

A new eco-innovative technology

( DFD-Dense Fluid Degreasing)

Surfaces and treatments

Once the material has been chosen, it is equally important to determine the right treatment to use.
How to guarantee the material's stability, sustainability, quality so that the part or the structure durably fulfils its functions?
Cetim specialists can provide you with answers.

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