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Design including tightness parameter

Area of expertise

Sealing technologies

Tightness expertise will complete your design approach


In order to get the right sealing system for the required service conditions (pressure or vacuum, temperature, static or dynamic charges, life expectancy, tightness level) and the design, manufacturing and cost constraints, you have to:
• choose the best fitting technical solution (flat seals for flanged joints, braids and packings for control stems, hydraulic or pneumatic seals, mechanical seals)
• select suppliers and choose the right product
• set up implementation procedures


We can support you in every step of your project:
• establishing suppliers’ specifications
• implementing sealing products
Our dedicated computation software (CAP1591) allow to analyse the assembly thermomechanical behaviour, including the seal. They are supported by databases for mechanical characteristics and tightness of static, quasi-static and dynamic seals.
These databases are the result of many years of testing.


• Cetim is a member of ESA (European Sealing Association) and internationally recognized. It acts as an expert in European standardization groups which work on flanged joint computation and joint characterization
• a skilled team who has effective means to quickly answer you demands
• a partnership with LRCCP (Research & Control Laboratory for Rubber and Plastics) to choose elastomer seals with a combined material/tightness approach

Our other services

Failure related to tightness and leakages

Our whole expertise to quickly and precisely identify leakage causes

Support to pressure equipment design

Benefit from expert advice!

Pressure equipment reliability

Computation and control for your pressure equipment reliability

Sealing products and components testings

Characterize and qualify sealing materials and components


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Integration of specific parameters

You sometimes require the help of a specialised expert in your products design.
Cetim can bring to your engineers a missing skill on new material, eco, or ergo-design, noise and vibration, energetical performance, tighness...

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