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Non-destructive testing simulation from design

Area of expertise

Non-destructive testing

Incorporate testing from the design phase of your product


Give your new products the competitive advantage of optimized non destructive testing (NDT) in order to:

  • Design your product according to foreseen testing
  • Reduce inspection costs of your finished products by making sure that the most adapted testing method will be feasible
  • Plan product reliability from its design phase

Development of non destructive testing solutions according to the product specifications and using simulation tools :

  • use of CIVA simulation software
  • modelling ultrasound testing (conventional UT, TOFD or phased array) and eddy current testing (single sensor or eddy current array)
  • service of non-destructive testing simulation studies : feasibility study, sensor development, qualification process, optimization of solutions
  • Our team of experts will guide you to the best inspection method : design, fabrication or in-service inspection
  • The opportunity to couple this service with an experimental validation of designed solutions

Our other services

Study, design and manufacturing of mechatronic prototypes

Mechatronics, an innovative solution for more intelligent products


Our references

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( CEP Industrie)

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( Chantiers de l'Atlantique)

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Computation and dimensioning

Computation and simulation allow to validate your ideas at least cost and best relevance.
Cetim's means in this field are among the best on the mechanical market. Together with the know-how of our trade experts and our testing equipment, they make Cetim the first class partner of your developments.

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