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Manufacturing and assembly process simulation

Area of expertise

Mechanical products and processes

Digital simulation to help you take decisions


• you want to answer new product consultations while reducing risks
• you plan to invest and want to choose between several production methods
• you want to reduce industrialization costs by limiting the volume of material used and increasing tool life


With the help of softwares specifically dedicated to the mechanical engineer’s needs:
• you optimize the design of planned parts and toolings
• you validate hypotheses and digitally simulate processes
• you get advice and choice support from Cetim trade experts
• user support and training
Machining (5 axes, robot, vibratory drilling…), assembly (bonding, mecano welding, riveting, bolting, clinching…), stamping, adiabatic punching, digital process simulation, forging, large deformation processes, powder metallurgy (compression and sintering, CGV, MIM, direct manufacturing, SPS...


• Thanks to their deep experience of your environment and practices, Cetim technical experts give you objective advice
• you get access to powerful tools without engaging heavy investment
• you save design time by reducing development time and anticipate quality issues
• you make technological choices with reduced risks
• you choose easier between different technical and economical options

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Computation and dimensioning

Computation and simulation allow to validate your ideas at least cost and best relevance.
Cetim's means in this field are among the best on the mechanical market. Together with the know-how of our trade experts and our testing equipment, they make Cetim the first class partner of your developments.

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