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Training engineering

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Training and skills management

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Customized trainings lead to a higher skilled staff


• integrate skill improvement in your company’s strategy
• create harmonious training programs for all your different teams
• link your training plan to skill management (existing or to-be-acquired skills)
• enforce your training plan in the short and medium run
• benefit from an efficient return on investment
• reduce general training costs


• a critical analysis of your project specifications
• proposal for actions that constitute the keys to your project’s achievement
• a deep and pragmatic knowledge of the needs of mechanical engineering companies and trades
• an overview on current and future mechanical engineering
• case studies realized from Cetim’s files as yours
• a unique contact for one project
• programs defined for all skill levels: engineers, technicians, operators or support departments
• the capacity to measure the real benefits of training programs on your daily activity
• the use of innovative and stimulating pedagogical tools which make training easier


• the opportunity for you to optimize your training plan for now and tomorrow
• the implementation of a support tool within your global strategy
• the ability to maintain training costs while rationalizing them
• the opportunity for you to perfect human resources, an essential part of your company’s value
• the opportunity for you to collaborate with a training structure which exclusively deals with mechanical engineering. As a durable structure, Cetim is aware of mechanical challenges and nourished by its strong relationships with all trades

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Training is a strategical issue for the companies : keep your staff at the required technical level, help key actors to progress, anticipates losses and keep your knowledge secure.
Cetim's training catalogue covers all mechanical skills, and our training engineering specialists know how to analyse your organization, to help you set up long or short term actions to perpetuate your professional skills.

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