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Performance improvement

Area of expertise

Industrial organisation

A step-by-step improvement of your industrial efficiency


You want to:
• identify growth potential and implement a pragmatic improvement method without going into a heavy and expensive process
• implement short-run productivity projects while building up a continuous performance
• guarantee your results' continuity by integrating methods and tools issued from these projects in the daily tasks


With a deep knowledge of the industry's issues, Cetim offers you to implement, along with your teams:
• a practical approach to analyze your current environment and identify priority projects: setting up, stocks, flows, deadlines, quality, process control, productivity, ergonomics, energy
• recommendations of simple and pragmatic solutions and support for their enforcement until you get durable results
• changing support for your staff organization to acquire new working methods


• our experts in trade organizational and industrial processes apply prooved methods and principles which are the results of years of practical experience
• durable and quick performance gains
• a guaranteed staff appropriation
• coherence of the target project sequencing to get a full and progressive networking for your organization

Our other services

Implementation of a just-in-time production

Improve your organization’s efficiency with simple and pragmatic methods

Study and management of Lean projects

Show up the whole potential of your company!

Development of maintenance plans for equipment

Rationalize your equipment maintenance to improve your productivity

Innovative and differentiative production technologies

Your processes become a real competitive asset

Design of industrial manufacturing ranges

Take a new look on your habits to prepare a new development!

Process-product optimization

Our technical expertise fully dedicated to find the best process for your company


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Industrial control, efficiency in production

Your industrial management depends on many parameters : from your global company strategy to your local team management .
Cetim can accompany your organization at a global level with the general management, or help the operational managers solve identified problematics.
We give you access to specialised trade experts, or propose our unique ability to combine our expertises to manage global projects.

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