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All our services

  • Advice and support

    Advice and support are at the heart of Cetim’s expertise.
    Wiser for the experience gained from you and great applicative research projects conducted in the behalf of our contributors, our consultants work with you to improve your organization.

  • Design and simulation

    The design of products and their manufacturing processes includes many different parameters ranging from human to technological ones, not to mention environmental issues and questions dealing with operators' well-being.
    So many reasons to call for Cetim’s experience!

  • Tests on products and processes

    Qualification and characterization... That is what our customers want. You can rely on Cetim’s expertise to help you better know materials and processes and help you innovate.

  • Control and Measurement

    From industrial equipment monitoring to product quality improvement, there are many different control applications and techniques. At the cutting edge of these techniques, Cetim supports you for better performance.

  • Failure analysis

    Mechanical breakdown, non-compliant product ? Our dedicated teams do failure analyses on a daily basis and give you assents and recommendations to help you understand the causes and origins of the problem.

Supervision of projects change

- Strategic analyses, studies and benchmarking
- Achieving a technological leap
- Implementation of a collaborative production platform
- Mechatronical project engineering
- Technological, normative and regulatory intelligence

Industrial control, efficiency in production

- Performance improvement
- Innovative processes: robotised machining
- Innovative and differentiative production technologies
- Production management strategy
- Study and management of Lean projects
- Implementation of a just-in-time production
- Development of maintenance plans for equipment
- Analysis of your company’s intellectual capital
- Moving/rearranging industrial locations

Risk management and regulatory conformity

- REACH, diagnosis and support
- Storage tank frangibility study
- Confinement of refrigerants
- Confinement of refrigerants
- Noise and vibration compliance in industrial environment
- Noise and vibration compliance for machines and equipment
- Noise and vibration compliance at workplace
- Compliance of pressure equipment with manufacturing standards and codes
- Innovative substitutions of substances-processes-materials
- Management of soil contamination and decontamination
- Management of industrial effluents
- Machinery safety (CE marking)
- Carbon balance


- A comprehensive catalogue of mechanical trainings
- In-house trainings
- Training engineering
- Pedagogical engineering
- Management through competences
- Knowledge capitalization and management


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Every mechanical skill with only one contact

The services offered by Cetim add to its research activity and collective projects.
By developing a multi-disciplinary approach combining all mechanical skills, Cetim offers its customers, SMI, corporations or experts something unique on the market.
Cetim's ability to answer major calls for tenders as well as individual needs, and its efforts to develop service and responsiveness set the organization as a unique actor and expert in mechanichal engineering at your disposal.