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GIFAS appointed Cetim as the Technologist of its Industry 4.0 Programme

GIFAS (the French aerospace industries association) has just appointed Cetim as the technological expert of its 4.0 Programme aimed at supporting the transformation of the French aeronautical sector. 

Launched at the Paris-Le Bourget Air Show 2019, this programme is to accompany 300 very small, small and medium-sized enterprises coming together from all across France for the ‘Industry of the Future’ mission with an aim to improve their competitiveness, grow their attractiveness in the sector and to increase the flexibility and reactivity of their industrial tool.

It has been provided with a budget of 23 million Euros for 3 years, financed by the French Government, regions, Opcaim (the authorised join collecting body of metalworking industries), businesses and GIFAS.

To take part, businesses must prove that they have a significant volume of activity in the sector, display a level of ‘recognised’ industrial maturity and, finally, demonstrate motivation and interest for the industry of the future. The proposed pathway consists of four parts: convince and engage managing teams, assist small and medium-sized businesses in their diagnosis, establish a roadmap and its implementation, reinforce collaboration between customers and suppliers and, finally, secure information and production systems.

How will the GIFAS’s “industry of the future” programme run? How is it financed and managed? What are the conditions to benefit from it? All the answers are in the booklet available on the GIFAS’s web site.

See the whole paper


Prime manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and subcontractors must address new technological developments resulting from new materials arising. Expectations regarding innovation, design, tests, production reporting, failure analysis find in Cetim a combination of skills and talents which is unique on the market.

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