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The Industry of the Future Alliance: on the road to transformation

On Monday 20 July, in the presence of French Minister Emmanuel Macron, the future went into action at Bercy with the official launch of the Industry of the Future Alliance, the appointment of the operational chairman Mr Philippe Darmayan, and the presentation of the relevant priority initiatives. The key issues at stake relate to federating, accelerating and transforming the French industrial tool.

On Monday 20 July 2015, the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Technology, Emmanuel Macron, chaired the first steering committee announcing the official creation of the Industry of the Future Alliance association. In this regard, the Minister specified the ambition of the Industry of the Future project, which inter alia is intended to “assist each company in investing to modernise its industrial tool and transform its organisation and business model through digital technology”. Following the signature of the Articles of Association, the members of the general meeting appointed Philippe Darmayan, a member of the UIMM executive committee, as operational chairman of the association. He is seconded by Pascal Daloz and Frédéric Sanchez, who were appointed as honorary chairmen and will play a part in providing guidance, impetus and representation to the association.

Organise and coordinate

During his speech, the newly elected chairman announced that “the role of the Alliance is to organise and coordinate on a national scale, the initiatives, projects and actions geared towards the modernisation and transformation of Industry in France”. Philippe Choderlos de Laclos, General Manager of Cetim and a member of the Alliance, pointed out that “the Industry of the Future is definitely an opportunity to reshuffle the deck after 15 years of a declining French industry”. As a matter of fact, the Industry of the Future Alliance brings together professional organisations from industry and the digital technology sector as well as academic and technological partners. Their efforts are centred on a common purpose of making France a Leader of the worldwide industrial renewal and propelling the country’s entire economic fabric into the heart of the new industrial systems.

Acting on a local level

Therefore, the Alliance will monitor the roll-out of the Industry of the Future project launched on 14 April 2015 by France’s President François Hollande and officialised by Emmanuel Macron on 18 May 2015. In this respect, Philippe Darmayan added: “The Alliance’s actions will be implemented in cooperation with the regions. They will be relayed in the territories by specific platforms which will rely on the networks of the members of the Alliance, local communities and competitive clusters to support industrial SMEs at the most local level.” This is a strategic stage during which “Cetim will pay priority attention to helping SMEs in the regions to understand and subsequently integrate these technological and organisational changes”, pointed out the General Manager of Cetim.

Seven priority actions

Seven priority actions have already been allocated to the Alliance: -Promoting the French view of the Industry of the Future and expediting transformations. 15 pilot lines serving as showcase projects are scheduled before 2016. -Assisting companies by providing a reference framework, offering support from tailored diagnoses to funding of the modernisation and extended coaching actions. 160 million Euros have been allocated to this initiative. To this end, 2,000 Small, medium and intermediate-sized enterprises should be guided on this path. 18 regions are already on board with 300 identified and referenced experts, and a process that has been launched amongst 400 companies. -Referencing the French technological portfolio relating to industrial transformation and developing the future technological offering. Accordingly, all innovation players have been galvanised. -Anticipating professional changes to make people central to the success of the industry of the future and carrying out forward-thinking actions on the co-evolution of humans and machines, business transformations and the development of new products and markets. -Enabling the establishment of new value chains, in particular through standardisation actions especially on an international basis. -Promoting the French technology portfolio and know-how abroad. -Attracting foreign investors to the French territory with a unique industrial offering. These operational support actions that are central to the shared aim of industrial performance, are also on the agenda of the Smart Industries fair, which will be held from 15 to 17 September 2015 in Paris. This event will give companies a practical and concrete vision of the initiatives led by the Industry of the Future Alliance composed of 11 founding members: Afdel, Arts & Métiers ParisTech, CEA, Cetim, FIEEC, FIM, Gimélec, Institut Mines-Télécom, Symop, Syntec Numérique, and UIMM.


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