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The conformity of pressure equipment under detailed examination

As the only entity of its kind in Europe, the Observatoire des appareils à pression (Obap – Pressure Equipment Observatory), created by the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity-Based Transition, is responsible for analysing the inspection data related to equipment installed in France. Its first official report is now available to manufacturers.


A first in Europe! Building on the Order of 20 November 2017 regulating pressure equipment, the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity-Based Transitionhas created the Observatoire des appareils à pression (Obap – Pressure Equipment Observatory), the only entity of its kind, to help bring about potential regulatory changes in relation to the safety of pressure equipment. 

More specifically, this independent entity is tasked with collecting all the feedback data on pressure equipment, verifying data reliability, in addition to processing and analysing the data to produce an annual summary report. “Through the joint efforts of six organisations, AFGC, CFBP, Coprec, CTNIIC, EDF and Storengy, feedback from the inspection of 400,000 items of equipment was collected in 2017”, announced Mohammed Cherfaoui, from Cetim, coordinator of Obap. For the first time in France, this anonymised data has been analysed and cross-referenced with information from the Industrial Risk and Pollution Analysis Office (Barpi) regarding the rate and number of accidents involving pressure equipment for the year in question. The results of these analyses have been compiled in the very first report submitted by Obap to the ministry on 1 September 2019. In this report, Obap issues its findings and offers 10 recommendations, which will be used as the basis for future actions by the Ministry and other sector players.

Obap has now shifted its focus to data from 2018 with two main avenues for development: broadening the quantity of equipment taken into account (almost one million items across France) and extending the collection scope to include other equipment such as regulated piping.


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