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Cetim contributes to R&D in Europe

In 2019, Cetim is involved, either as a member or as a coordinator, in 11 ongoing European projects.


Clean Sky 2, Fuel Cell & Hydrogen (FCH2), Shift2rail, Factory of the Future, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), Interreg… Cetim is involved in several programmes as part of Horizon 2020 (H2020), the European research and development programme.

As a result, Cetim is currently involved in 11 ongoing projects at European level.


Three Clean Sky 2 projects

Within Clean Sky 2, Cetim coordinates Sherloc QSP, a project whose objective is to develop and produce window frames with the QSP process, without overmoulding and without the need for any finishing phase. Sherloc QSP is integrated into the Sherloc project, led by the Imperial College of London and whose objective is to develop new concepts for the maintenance of medium-haul aircraft.

Cetim also coordinates the Palace project (Palace stands for: Pump Architecture Linked to Aircraft Cooling Expectations), which focuses on the development of a new generation of pump architecture for aircraft generator cooling. Cetim also coordinates VibSEA, a project led by Safran Aircraft Engines and aimed at predicting the high-frequency vibration of aircraft engines by designing a modelling methodology based on Statistical Energy analysis (SEA) and by means of experimental fine-tuning with tests performed on a portion of a full-scale engine nacelle. 


Focusing on the Industry of the future

H2REF (Development of a cost effective and reliable hydrogen fuel cell vehicle refuelling system) is another of the projects in which Cetim is involved. The objective of H2REF, steered by H2NOVA and Cetim, is to develop an innovative new generation of “high performance” hydraulic hydrogen filling stations.

Other projects focus on the technologies of the Industry of the future, among them Interreg projects such as Factory 4.0 and Machining 4.0. The objective of the former is the modernisation of SMEs in the France-Wallonia-Flanders cross-border area via a tailor-made qualified assistance, while the latter aims to support the digital transformation of SMEs of the machining sector in the North-West-Europe zone. Same target for Horse (a smart integrated robotics system for SMEs, controlled by the Internet of Things and based on dynamic manufacturing processes), which proposes to foster the deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies by industrial companies, in particular SMEs. Last but not least, IOTwins, initiated in September 2019, whose goal is to develop digital twin solutions for SMEs in various fields, from factories to football stadiums! Machining tools have their dedicated sub-group, comprised of Ensam Paris, Cetim and ESI Group, a numerical simulation software editor. 


Find out the secrets of the Sherloc QSP project in this video available on the Cetim France YouTube channel and read more about the Sherloc QSP, VibSEA and H2REF projects in the “News” section of our website.


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