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Optimize and check your bolted connections with Cetim Cobra


Cetim Cobra Software


Design your preloaded connections with controlled tightening according to the standards



 Design software for bolted joints
  according to codes VDI2230 (1986-2014) and NF E 25030-2 


A complete software allowing, among others, to calculate :flexibility (or stiffness) of the assembly

  • dynamic stresses in the thread
  • the minimum clamping tension to ensure non-detachment
  • the lengthening of the fixation after tightening (loosening)
  • the pressure stresses in the various joints (matting)
  • tightening instructions (torque, angle, tension)


easy to use software with:

  • many data entry assistants
  • various normative and evolutive databases (materials, screws)
  • a conflict resolution wizard between the various data entered
  • an integrated theoretical manual and external references
  • 2D and 3D visualization of the assembly
  • calculation notes in French or English   

Topics addressed during the presentation  :


Optimization procedure of an assembly bolted on a concrete case:

  • Definition of the geometry of the assembly and the fasteners used
  • Entry of solicitations
  • Analysis of the results and optimization
  • Questions answers

Speakers :


  • Anouar OKADI


From your desktop and via the Internet, get a free presentation of our business solution :   

Cetim Cobra

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 10:00 am

(Free participation but compulsoty registration)

Place and date :

Free Webinar via Internet at 02:00 pm - Duration 90 minutes

On Thursday January 23 2020
organized by Cetim

Your caller :
Anouar OKADI

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