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Results of collective works


Residual Life of Structures and Equipment: Problems and Application to Cranes

The problem of evaluating the remaining lifetime of steel structures and lifting appliances (9Q396) that may have reached their design life-time is an issue in many industrial sectors across the world and is a concern for a large number of operators in relation to safety and the potential extension of their operating life. Though there is limited literature to address these issues, there are nonetheless some European reference frameworks specific to steel structures and lifting appliances, which are referred to in this document. This study also présents the FEM 1.001 rules for lifting appliances, the European EN standards on steel structures and lifting appliances – including the methods for evaluating their remaining lifetime and fatigue –, and the points listed in ISO 12482. The procedure developed by France, which has been in place since 2003, and Italy’s approach are also addressed. Lastly, the six-stage methodology developed by Cetim, which is designed to allow for the lifetime of industrial equipment to be extended safely, is presented along with an example of its application on manipulators used to handle AIRBUS A330 components.

Authors : Bruno Depale et Mohammed Bennebach du Cetim

Created 10/26/2020
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9Q396 - Residual Life of Structures and Equipment - Problems and Application to Cranes

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