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Guide to Fatigue Design of Components and Structures

The fatigue strength design of metal components and structures represents a sizeable challenge for engineers, given its dependence on a wide range of parameters. Engineers therefore need to know these parameters first of all, before mastering the basic rules to obtain the best possible information. The Fatigue collection, published by Cetim, aims to inform engineers about the state of the art regarding the fatigue of components and structures, chiefly those made from metal, applied to all business sectors. The authors of the various volumes in this collection seek to prioritise practical considerations and approaches that are quick and easy to apply. This new work (9Q410), which is aimed at designers and design and test engineers, does not claim to be an exhaustive account of
fatigue design, but above all aims to provide a guide to best practice and the simple rules to follow for suitable calculations. A real tool for the design and validation of structures with regard to fatigue, it is divided into six chapters – preparation for fatigue post-processing of finite element calculations, analysis of the loads with regard to fatigue resistance, fatigue calculation approaches, introduction to fracture mechanics, fatigue design of welded and bolted joints, and vibration fatigue – supplemented with an appendix listing several standards and recommendations that are frequently encountered in this field.

Authors : Mohamed BENNEBACH, Romain DUVAL, Philippe AMUZUGA, Isabel HUTHER, Michel MARZIN, Philippe ROHART, Zouhair CHAIB du Cetim

Created 01/28/2021
Updated 04/12/2021
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9Q410 - Guide to Fatigue Design of Components and Structures

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