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Results of collective works


Dimensioning of form tapping – Phase 3

Given the many challenges – in terms of performance, time saving, technical and economic risk reduction – that must be met by the cutting-deep drawing and sheet metal sectors when addressing the issues associated with the mechanical strength of threaded collars produced through form tapping, today it has become crucial to develop a comprehensive, high quality and rapid process allowing them to meet the specifications of their customers. As an initial study has already been carried out to find a method of estimating thread stripping, therefore, the aim of this phase (S2051) is to validate a predictive model of the resistance of these collars to thread stripping. During this study, following the creation of three new collars with large radius, small radius and coined large radius, it emerged that the importance of the geometry of these parts played a predominant role for their dimensioning in view of applications where mechanical strength is expected.

Author : André Maillard, Cetim

Created 08/30/2021
Updated 09/29/2021
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Dimensioning of form tapping – Phase 3

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