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Pumping guide

There are many factors increasing the costs associated with suction constraints, such as pumping basin depth or size of installations, and there is increasing demand for ways to reduce these factors. In order to respond to this demand in the best and most relevant way possible, companies in the sector need a reference system to allow them to communicate with their customers, exchanging information in order to be able to provide them with the best technical solution for their use. The first phase of this document consisted initially of a detailed literature review in two parts, paving the way for three areas of study: environmental conditions; comparison of minimum submersion recommendations in standards HI 9.8 and CEN/TR 13930; evaluation of the impact of vortices. (S2026)

Auteur : Cédric ALZARD, Cetim

Created 04/10/2020
Updated 05/27/2020
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S2026 - Pumping guide

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