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Gear coatings, bi-disc tests phase 4

As mechanical transmission parts are subject to two main problems – lubrication, for everything involving chains and gears, with a significant increase in the friction coefficient and consequent loss of efficiency, and wear in fretting, more specifically for static parts such as splines and bearings – manufacturers have expressed the wish to be able to obtain surface coatings that could optimise the behaviour of these parts in lubrication, while maintaining the original properties of the gear teeth and in particular resistance to surface fatigue. The study carried out therefore focused on the tribological behaviour of nitriding treatments and of a nitriding + WC/C coating configuration on rollers, using bi-disc tests, which highlighted two types of failure (cracks and spalling) but also provided a better understanding of the pressures that can be exerted on the surface of nitrided gears. (S2023)

Auteur : Marc Buvron, Cetim

Created 03/04/2020
Updated 05/27/2020
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S2023 - Gear coatings, bi-disc tests phase 4

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