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The speed-dependent spectral correlation

Abboud D., Antoni J., Eltabach M. Zieg-Zieba S. - 01/06/2015 - RC ICEDYN…

In non-stationary regimes, the vibrations of rotating machines are likely to witness an interaction between angle- and time-dependent mechanisms. The formers are dictated by system kinematics which results in angle-periodic modulations whose periodicity is consistent in the angular domain. In turn, the latters are governed by the system transfer function that imposes time-invariant resonance frequencies and relaxation times. In this context, the “order-frequency spectral correlation” (OFSC) is an efficient angle\time-cyclostationary (AT-CS) tool that jointly reveals the cyclic information and the spectral content of the carrier in the signal.

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Sophie Zieg-Zieba
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03 44 67 36 82

Créé le 04/04/2016

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