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Procor (English version) : cathodic protection simulation software


Procor 16




PROCOR is a high-performance numerical design and simulation software tool specifically dedicated to the design of cathodic protections of complex facilities and structures used in humid or marine environments, subject to corrosion. It was developed jointly by DCN (the French naval construction directory), DGA (the French military procurement agency), IFREMER (the French research institute for exploitation of the sea), TOTAL and CETIM.


PROCOR : fields of use


PROCOR software


PROCOR : Process


PROCOR is based on the original boundary element method. It can assess the efficiency of any cathodic protection system in 4 steps, with very different and realistic polarisation conditions:


  • Modelling of the facility
    •  Use of an existing 3D CAD file, or direct modelling within PROCOR
    •  Simplification of the model depending on the entities involved (lines, surfaces, volume)


  • Selection of the protection technology

    PROCOR can simulate different cathodic protection methods among the most widely used ones:

    •  Sacrificial anodes
    •  Impressed current anodes
    •  Hybrid systems
    •  Associated coatings


  •  Characterisation of electrochemical data
    •  Polarisation curve
    •  Resistivity
    •  Current requirement

      The aim is to implement the limit conditions of the material/environment couple in the entire structure. These limits conditions are either known by experience or they are measured on site, or they can be searched for in the literature, as applicable.
      In all cases, Cetim can provide assistance to validate these conditions.
      PROCOR features a context sensitive help which will provide you with an interactive way to check the validity of your model.


  • Simulations – Results

     The various calculation results will help you determine the following information, depending on the selected protection criteria (standards) or the specific points of your requirements:

    •  The potential gradient in the electrolyte
    •  The current density
    •  The weight consumption of the anode



Specific features of PROCOR


PROCOR is the only software in French language dedicated to cathodic protection. It is also available in English.
PROCOR automatically integrates the ohmic drop in long structures for which the rule of equipotentiality cannot be applied. It is configured to accurately study the cathodic protection problems under complex conditions of geometry and polarisation.
With PROCOR, it is now possible to study structures immersed or buried in several different environments.


Answering the main needs


PROCOR is a decision-aid software package which allows you to verify the efficiency of a cathodic protection against corrosion.

It provides the possibility, based on an interactive process, to find the best cathodic protection through the optimisation of the positions of the anodes.

Furthermore, PROCOR gives all necessary information to determine the electromagnetic signature of a structure at sea.

Through an accurate evaluation of the service life of the anodes, PROCOR takes the installation constraints into account and assesses the cost of the various possible cathodic protection solutions. PROCOR will propose you the best technical and economic choice to allow you to reduce your maintenance costs.


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With this cathodic protection simulation and design software, Cetim is taking part in the various studies carried out by the Jules Vernes Technological Research Institute.


Should you require more information on our PROCOR cathodic protection simulation software: please contact T. Belben

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