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The unique International Composites Platform dedicated to Asia-Pacific

Following the launch of its Malaysian office at the beginning of 2017, Cetim, the French Technical Center for Mechanical Industry, European leader in material expertise and testing, looks forward to meeting you at the 10th edition of JEC ASIA.


Take this opportunity to discover our latest innovations in multi-material design and in out-of-autoclave thermoplastic processes : some new and unique solutions developed by our experts to optimize your costs and your cycle time performance while ensuring high quality level of your products !


On the Cetim Booth - Leval 3 - Hall D2 Booth A23 - Meet with our experts and learn more about :

  • Our Award-winning QSP®* line process for production of multi-layer thermoplastic composite parts,
  • Thermoplastic Automatic Tape Winding parts (pressure vessel, ring)
  • Robot assisted NDT Control
  • TP composites recycling pilot line
  • Material expertise and testing capabilities


On our Innovation Corner - Level 3 - Hall D2 Booth A25 - Come and see :

  • Tools of our QSP line process
  • Some demonstrator parts designed and produced for the automotive and the aerospace markets, such as bumper beam, suspension arm, …


During the JEC Conferences on the "Automotive: novelties in structural and semi structural applications" thematic

Join us during the JEC Conferences, where our expert will explain "How to design and produce thermoplastic composite parts for automotive with QSP® through the bumper beam application”

On November the 2nd – from 9.50am to 10.10am – more information here !


JEC Awards

Cetim is proud to take part of the JEC Innovation Program, a worldwide competition which rewards innovation for its technical excellence, exemplarity of the chain of partners, market potential, and originality.



Book your meeting now with a Cetim expert and receive your free entrance ticket to the show !

Looking forward to seeing you at JEC ASIA 2017 !


*The industrial production of the QSP is carried out in partnership with three French mechanical engineering companies that specialise in production processes, PEI Pinette, Compose and Loiretech.   

Lieu et date :

Du 01 novembre 2017
au 03 novembre 2017
organisé par JEC Group

Votre correspondant :
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Tél. : 03 44 67 36 82
Mail : sqr@cetim.fr

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