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Video: Zoom on cybersecurity

A new video has been posted to the Cetim France YouTube channel and takes a look at the key aspects of an efficient cybersecurity approach in industrial companies, based on the guide issued by the network of industrial technical centres.

In the Industry of the Future, data is a core value for companies and must be protected! Although the new dangers related with digitisation are real - industrial espionage, theft of critical data, takeover or sabotage of production tools - and affect all types of businesses, solutions have been developed to protect against them. This is the main message of the new “Zoom” video dedicated to cybersecurity which has been posted on the Cetim France YouTube channel.

A step-by-step guide

In less than five minutes, this instructional video defines cybersecurity, explains its issues and the dangers from which it protects as well as the means to ensure the effective implementation by relying inter aliaon the “cybersecurity and manufacturing SMEs” (“cybersécurité et les PME manufacturières”) guide published by the network of industrial technical centres (CTI). It also lays out in detail the five key steps of the approach designed by the CTI network to remediate vulnerabilities.

The video was produced by the Cetim Carnot Institute as part of its remit to deploy the government plan to the SMEs within the Industry of the Future Alliance. It complements a series of “Zooms” and “Testimonials” which provide an in-depth look at the key technologies of the Industry of the Future and their use in companies.

Watch the "Zoom Cybersécurité"(Zoom on cybersecurity) as well as the other Industry of the Future Techno Zooms and Industry of the Future Testimonials on the Cetim France YouTube channel.

The "Cybersecurity and manufacturing SMEs" guide published by the CTI networkcan be downloaded from our website in the “Mécathèque” section.


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