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Pièces sur plateau et exemple d'essai en fabrication additive

Additive manufacturing: a comprehensive package to characterise parts

The key to mastering additive manufacturing is characterising the produced metallic parts. Cetim offers a comprehensive package of characterisation services to address the growing needs of the markets and the roll-out of the technology. This package has been strengthened by an agreement entered into with Weare Group.


The nature of the metallic powder, the type of process, the machine configuration, and possible post-processing play a key role in the mechanical performance of the parts made via additive manufacturing. However, although it is possible to predict with near-certainty the behaviour of a machined part, this is more complicated with additive manufacturing. The characterisation of parts is therefore one of the main challenges in mastering this technology. (Read also: Additive Manufacturing: a revolution is underway)

Cetim is recognised as one of the leading players in additive manufacturing, with experience over the entire value chain, and has inter alia developed a dedicated range of services for the characterisation of metallic materials.


Expertise and resources to address urgent needs

“What are the reliable analysis and characterisation methods? How can the structure and microstructure of a metallic material be analysed and characterised in terms of grain size, inclusion cleanliness, presence of phases, porosity, etc.? How do you assess its mechanical behaviour, understand the degradation or ageing phenomena, implement adequate heat treatment or optimum surface treatment?” These are some of the many questions raised by the players of the various market segments to which Cetim provides its solutions by leveraging on a team and resources specialised in the field of mechanical and physical-chemical characterisations.

These solutions involve the characterisation of powders (grain size analysis, rheology, etc.), macroscopic, microscopic and fractographic examinations, density determination, as well as microhardness measurements, hardness profiles (Vickers, Brinell, etc.). They also apply to the determination of the decarburisation depth, standard chemical analyses and specific methods and the laboratory simulation with accelerated ageing (corrosion, wear and friction, fatigue, creep).

These solutions driven by industrial needs are paired with expertise dedicated to surface treatments and specialised resources in the study of the mechanical behaviours of materials. Accordingly, the Centre is able to perform various types of tests such as tensile tests at room temperature and at high temperatures, policyclic fatigue tests at room temperature and high temperatures, oligocyclic fatigue tests at room temperature and high temperatures, crack tests at room temperature and high temperatures and creep tests to elongation and failure. All these tests are covered by Cofrac accreditation (accreditation available on ISO 17025 certification, and Nadcap certification.

Building on its experience in the aerospace, energy, medical, transport and other sectors, Cetim offers its expertise in all the transformation processes of light alloys and hard metals (machining-bar turning, metallic additive manufacturing, welding, rolling, casting, forging, etc.).


A partnership for analysis and testing of materials and parts

At the same time as preparing this comprehensive package, Cetim entered into a partnership agreement with Weare Group in June 2017 at the Paris air show held at Paris-Le Bourget. Therefore, both entities will cooperate to build an international network of test and inspection centres, specialising in the analysis and testing of materials and parts, inter alia in relation to the development of additive manufacturing technologies.


This initiative forms part of Cetim’s major Additive Manufacturing project conducted with all its partners and associated centres, including Cetim-Certec and Cetim Maroc.


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