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Additive manufacturing: a complete range for deployment in firms

Cetim can offer a comprehensive range to assist companies in the launch of additive manufacturing. The Cetim solution ranges from identifying the keys to a successful innovation to production kick-off.

In just a few years, additive manufacturing has moved forward from a simple concept to a full-scale industrial revolution in many fields such as the medical, aeronautic, automobile and rail sectors. Despite this, it is not always easy for companies to manage the entire value chain for this technology. For this reason, Cetim offers industrial firms a comprehensive range to assist them throughout all of the stages involved in the successful use of additive manufacturing.

A solution for the entire value chain

The overall approach involves identifying the keys to the success of the innovation, from redesign to sizing, and from the implementation of the new process to inspection. The preliminary stage involves diagnosis with a study of the pertinence of the technology for the target application and technico-economic feasibility. This stage is followed by the design or redesign of parts, limiting assemblies, and optimising topology by reducing masses, or even using new materials. The economic variables of the planned solution are then assessed, together with return on investment. Validation tests can be carried out at the platforms of Cetim, Cetim-Certec or their partners. Cetim also assists companies with part characterisation, mainly based on mechanical tests. Finally, the Centre assists industrial operators with drafting specifications and selecting new production line equipment, up to the installation of production kick-off and personnel training resources.

Check out the full range for "additive manufacturing: supporting you throughout the value chain" and for "additive manufacturing: material characterisation" on the Cetim site, under the " Services" section.


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